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  • Rating: 7.1 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Aside from being a fine place to shoot pool and grab a bite to eat, The Corner Pocket books great national and local music. Swamp-boogie piano queen Marcia Ball has played there many times. Read more

    The shrimp and avacado BLT is excellent and something you won't find anywhere else in town.

    This place is incredible wow if I was a bit younger I would be at a place like this all the time ...

    Corn and bacon chowder is pretty tasty

    The burgers are great, but getting the cheeseburger with gorgonzola makes a great burger fanTAStic.

    Salmon Bruschetta is delicious!

    Pretty good. Serve a great bison burger.

    Bison burger is phenomenal!

    Awesome place to have a good time! :)

    Waffle fries!!

    The waffle fries are excellent!

  • Rating: 6.2 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    They’re often out of things and the staff at this location are NEVER friendly or professional!

    The best customer service. Had a little wait so they gave us two free drinks for the inconvenience.

    Make sure your fries are hott before you leave. They will sneak old ones on you if they can. Other than that Great food!!!

    They have the best breakfast food and it's served all day! Try the boberry biscuits and hashbrowns :o)

    Wish they would bring back the cinnamon biscuits. I'm not a fan of the bo-berry biscuits

    Very good chicken. Not to spicy or greasy

    As an NC native, there are far too few Bojangles in the RVA area.

    Bo rounds! :) & sausage biscuits! :)

    Best dirty rice in the business

    the slowest food ever this is the first time since I've been going there they got my food right

    The best sweet tea!!!

    Breakfast served ALL DAY.

    Bo. Berry. Biscuits.

    Sweet Tea!

    10 minute wait on wings. Oh hell to the naw

    Mashed potatoes and gravy = my weakness. Read more

    Crew workers are Rude!


  • Rating: 5.8 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    The only place in the world that you can order fried chicken where it comes out hot but the center is still frozen.

    Angie is a great waitress tip her so. ;)

    IHOP is well known for their pancakes and people are ordering them constantly.

    Check their Managers Specials. I'm about to have all you can eat pancakes!

    Baked potato soup is good for you.

  • Rating: 6.4 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Monday and Tuesday are bargain concession days! Specials available with your Regal Crown Club card.

    A huge theater with all the wide release films and a great selection of other presentations from Fathom.

    Always use your Regal Card to get treats like free popcorn! And come in the back way through Jeb Stuart Pkwy to avoid traffic!

    Movies are good. Place is clean and has security, but 10.50 for a ticket is a bit too much.

    Regal crown cards are great if u watch a lot of movies. We've had free soda, popcorn, & tickets many times!

    Very nice and clean theater, plenty of parking

    Very small theaters. No military, student or senior discounts. Cops everywhere. Not sure if there was a threat or if this is the norm, but doesn't make for a comfortable movie experience.

    The seating is so uncomfortable. I couldn't even enjoy my movie.

    Good theater. Split level seating. Lean back seats

    Ask for layered popcorn, they'll spread the "golden flavor" out evenly throughout your popcorn!

    Had a pleasant movie going experience.

    Skip the line...use the ticket kiosk.

    They have the most uncomfortable seats and the popcorn sux

    Listen to hoodrats talk on their cellphones... All movie. Should be an easy tip to do here

    Idiots. I'm almost 24 do I really need to keep bringing my ID??

    Raja the great....

    Tuesdays are $1 popcorn days with your Regal Crown Club Card! Get one at the Box Office.

    My Movie Viewing Venue

    Dj with Yashwanth....

    This place is horrible. Customer service was bad!!! Thank god for Movieland!!! Only reason I come here is because we have free tickets.

    Ninu kori....

    Wierd but like it

    Lovin it..




    When is it ok to smoke inside of a movie theater? Apparently at this one - it is.

    Could this place be less organized?

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